The Twins year end banquet was held April 10th, 2018 at Celebration Dinner Theatre with 380 players, coaches, managers, family sponsors and VIP Guests.

Special thanks to Lisa McBride for delivering a great evening. For lots of great pictures from the evening check out our Instagram or Dropbox accounts.

Hardest Working Player (McLaughlin)

Elliot Perreault – Minor Peewee
Simeon Enns – Peewee
Ethan Mariano – Minor Bantam
Kevin Stupack – Bantam
Matthew “Curious” George – Midget
Ava Bergman – Female Peewee
Courtenay Bayes – Female Bantam
Sam Pennell – Female Midget

MVP (Pembina Source for Sports)

Keon Torz and Leyton Medwick – Minor Peewee
Rhett Marchant – Peewee
Jacob Flood – Minor Bantam
Nicholas Gilberto – Bantam
Matthew Lock “Ness” – Midget
Carissa Clabertt – Female Peewee
Julianna Duma – Female Bantam
Nicole Howorth – Female Midget

Defense of the Year (Pristine Roofing)

Carter Bibeau – Minor Peewee
Nathan Cockle – Peewee
Alex Bradshaw – Minor Bantam
Mathieu Senecal – Bantam
Mark “Moses III” Rauhaus
Elizabeth Bird – Female Peewee
Sara McLennan – Female Bantam
Lily Sousa – Female Midget

Forward of the Year (Carberry Int’l)

Evan Gradt – Minor Peewee
Noah Dziver – Peewee
Logan Belton – Minor Bantam
Mateo DeStefano – Bantam
Jia “Zenger” Zeng – Midget
Ella Friesen – Female Peewee
Kali Hilderman – Female Bantam
Dana Poulton – Female Midget

Robert “Moe” Lawrence

Jonah “Beluga” St. Hilaire – Midget

Lawrie Muir Memorial

Female Bantam

City Champions

Minor Bantam
Female Bantam

Kleysen Family Volunteer Award

Kevin DeFries

Lifetime Twin Achievement

Brian Mowat