Twins 4X4 Camp Schedule

Due to the COVID-19 situation and the rules set out by our governing body Hockey Manitoba, we’ve had to make many adjustments to our 4x4 camp. Being limited to a specific amount of participants being allowed in close quarters we have had to adjust last minute and change our format to a 3 on 3 half ice camp. Teams are now composed of 6-7 players and 1 goalie. Games will be played cross ice using half ice from the red line to the goal line. At no times will the players on one half of the ice be allowed to interact with players on the other half. We understand this isn’t what you are use to but during the times we are in changes are necessary. We thank you for your understanding and patience. If you or your child feels this isn’t for them we fully understand and will offer a full refund. Please email if you wish to drop out.

Many arenas now have COVID-19 policies in place.  Please check prior to your game times for updated requirements.

Thank you and have fun.

Team Schedules

U11 - Male/Female

U13 - Male

U15 - Male

U18 - Male

U13 - Female

U15/U18 - Female

Goalie Schedules

Goalies are not assigned to a specific team.  There is separate goalie schedule.  Only one goalie is allowed per team due to restrictions.  Goalies will receive at $25 rebate per game played up to a maximum of the registration cost.

Please check regularly for any schedule updates.  Due to the ever changing situation schedule updates may be required.


Starting August 24 all individuals entering Bell MTS Iceplex who are not participants in hockey programming will be

required to wear a mask at all times. Participants are required to wear a mask while entering the facility until they

reach the dressing room and again upon leaving the dressing room to exit the facility. Coaches and team officials

are not required to wear masks while on the ice or behind the bench, however it is strongly recommended. Off-ice

coaches and team officials (managers, volunteers) must wear a mask while in the facility at all times. Individuals

under the age of ten do not have to wear a mask, however, it is strongly recommended.