Twins' Mission Statement

The Twins AA Hockey Program is committed to the healthy development of young hockey players in the Fort Garry North (FGNHA) and South Winnipeg (SWHA) Hockey Associations area, through the management and administration of a high quality competitive AA hockey program.


  1. The Twins are committed to developing each players' physical, mental and emotional capabilities, including: physical skills, strength and general fitness, knowledge and understanding of the game of hockey; individual commitment to helping another achieve team goals; self confidence, self esteem, self awareness and self-discipline.
  2. The Twins adhere to, and comply with, all Canadian Hockey Association, Hockey Manitoba, Hockey Winnipeg and FGNHA and SWHA philosophies, objectives, directives and regulations.
  3. The Twins are committed to creating positive, mutually beneficial relationships with AA Council, AAA Winnipeg Monarchs, FGNHA and SWHA and member community centres.
  4. The Twins are committed to creating within the organization and within each team an environment which inspires within each player a strong sense of loyalty and pride in being a member of the Twins organization and a positive attitude toward oneself and one's team.
  5. The Twins promote the highest respect among players for all coaches, referees and officials, managers, convenors and other individuals in positions of leadership within the minor hockey system.
  6. The Twins are committed to maintaining and enhancing the FGNHA and SWHA area's reputation as a centre of development, leadership and hockey excellence.