Frequently Asked Questions

What area association(s) does the Twins AA Hockey Program represent?

The Twins AA hockey Program represents players from the Fort Garry North Hockey Association (FGNHA) and the South Winnipeg Hockey Association (SWHA).

Both the FGNHA and the SWHA encourage and foster hockey in their respective community zones and boundaries for all players up to and including Juvenile (18+), whose birthdays fall within the calendar year of normal registration for the current hockey season.

The area of the jurisdiction of the FGNHA includes the Community Centres of Earl Grey, Fort Garry, Lord Roberts, River Osborne, Riverview, Victoria, Linden Woods, Whyte Ridge, Westridge, and Wildwood. St. John’s Ravenscourt School is also included in this jurisdiction.

The area of the jurisdiction of the SWHA includes the Community Centres of Richmond, St. Norbert and Waverley Heights.

What is the "Twins”?

Each area association within Hockey Winnipeg is responsible for of setting up and operating a “select” team program or “AA” program for its area.

With the dissolution of Pembina Trails Hockey Association (PTHA) in 2010, the FGNHA and SWHA decided to retain the whole catchment for the purposes of co-administering one “AA” program.

The Twins main priority is to cultivate sportsmanship and citizenship in its players while in the pursuit of excellence in the sport of hockey.

The Twins is administered by an independent executive committee, whose composition, hockey authority and responsibilities are set out in the Twins AA Hockey Program Policy Manual, and are subject to the FGNHA, SWHA and Hockey Winnipeg By-Laws.

What is the standard to which Twins' coaches are held?

All Twins coaches and coaching staff are expected to govern themselves according to the Twins Coaching Code of Conduct:

  • Coaches will respect players, parents, opponents, officials and program administrators.
  • Coaches will never ridicule, embarrass, demean or abuse any player, parent, spectator, official or opponent.
  • Coaches will prepare skill appropriate practices that are instructive, fun and challenging.
  • Coaches will determine player positions. Coaches will ensure all players experience equal opportunity to participate, except for disciplinary purposes as outlined in the player discipline section in the Twins Coaches’ Manual.
  • Coaches will encourage players rise to their potential through positive reinforcement, attention to individual needs and constructive feedback.
  • Coaches will ensure the safety of the players at the arena, on the ice and in the dressing rooms by ensuring adult supervision before, during and after all games. No one player should ever be left unsupervised.
  • Coaches will respectfully address issues and concerns presented to them within 72 hours of receipt.

Where do I register?

Registration for Twins take place with a player’s home association - FGNHA or SWHA.

On the registration online form, select the AA tryout as an add-on option, and pay for the first round tryout fees along with the home association registration fees.

What is the registration fee?

The 2023-2024 registration fee is $2,000 per player for all teams except for the U18 teams which have a reduced rate of $1,750 that aligns with programming.

What does the registration fee cover?

Registration fees cover these expenses:

  • Ice practice / development time
  • Hockey Winnipeg fees which include:
    • League game fees and Playoff ice
    • Referees and timekeepers
    • CHA Insurance
    • Administrative expenses
  • Sweaters, socks and name bars (2 sets)
  • Practice jersey
  • Player/coach development program
  • Coaches’ honoraria
  • Coaches’ jackets and tracksuits
  • On-ice equipment (pucks, pylons, clipboards, first aid kits)
  • Program administration (meetings, website, mailing and banking expenses)
  • Other expenditures such as coaching clinics and materials

Registration fees do not cover these expenses:

  • Ice time for team selection
  • Additional ice time beyond the allotment and/or not part of the development program
  • Player jackets, sweats, track suits, hats, etc.
  • Coach and player travel expenses
  • Team and parent social functions
  • Team administration costs
  • Team training programs not part of the development program


How are the registration fees to be paid?

Once the team is selected, the fee can be paid in whole on October 1st (or at roster signing, whichever is later) or in two (2) equal instalments on October 1st (or roster signing date) and December 1st payable by post-dated cheques.

Registrations which do not have post-dated cheques attached will not be accepted.

All cheques are to be made payable to “Twins AA Hockey”.

Parents who are contacted by the Twins Treasurer due to an NSF cheque must replace the cheque immediately together with a $20.00 service fee. Players with unpaid registration fees will not be permitted to dress for games until the fees have been paid.

No player will be permitted to play the first game of the season if the player’s registration fee has not been paid in accordance with Twins policy. With approval of the Twins Executive Committee, a player in arrears after December 31st will be notified by letter and suspended from any further play. Hockey Winnipeg Rules & Regulations state that an Outstanding Balance Report must be submitted by area associations by June 30th of each year. No player will be allowed to sign a Hockey Winnipeg roster if he or she has an outstanding balance with any program under the auspices of Hockey Winnipeg.

How are the Twins’ teams selected? What is the tryout process?

The placement of a player will be primarily influenced by tryout performance and coaches’/evaluators’ assessment.

Players will receive a pre-numbered pinnie which will correspond with a list that each coach/evaluator will have. All participating players will be evaluated and scored on all variables of the tryout.

Twins tryouts are normally seven (7) sessions of ice times including:

  • 1st Round:
    • three (3) sessions prior to releasing any players
  • 2nd Round:
    • a minimum of four (4) additional sessions for final team selection

The coaching staff alone is responsible for the selection of his/her team. Under no circumstances shall coaches permit anyone else, whether association with the Twins program, FGNHA or SWHA, to improperly or unduly influence the team selection process.

What are the tryout fees?

  • Round 1 fees are $80 and paid during the online registration process to the player’s home association.
  • Round 2 fees are another $80 and payable directly to the Twins association before the start of the round two ice times.

There are no refunds for tryout fees.

What is the Twins' refund policy?

If a player is unable to play for the balance of the hockey season due to illness or injury, any post-dated cheques being held by the Twins Treasurer will be returned to the player. There will be no refunds after January 1st.

Is there financial aid?

Yes, there is limited financial assistance available to those with a genuine inability to pay the Registration Fee. A written application for assistance must be submitted to the Twins Treasurer by the parents/guardian of the player prior to the completion of tryouts. All information is kept confidential. Any assistance granted will be based on demonstrated financial need and the availability of Twins funds.

What is the Twins’ policy toward age advancement?

The Twins follow Age Advancement rules set by Hockey Winnipeg.

What is expected of Twins players?

All Twins players are expected to govern themselves according to the Twins Players’ Code of Conduct:

  • Twins players will respect teammates, coaches, game officials, opponents, parents and facilities and conduct themselves as young, responsible individuals.
  • Each player in conjunction with their teammates and coaches will establish personal and team goals.
  • All players will have the required equipment.
  • All players will be dressed in their equipment prior to participating in the practices and games at a time determined by the coaching staff.
  • Players will contact their coaches if they are unable to attend games / practices and advise them with as much notice as possible. Failure to comply and the consequences will be outlined in the team rules.
  • Players will be assigned positions and line mates by the coaches.
  • Players shall not use any means, electronic or otherwise, to demean fellow players or opponents.

Is there a dress code for Twins players?

Yes. Twins players are expected to adhere to a dress code established by the team’s coaching staff when attending all games.

What are the responsibilities of the parents/guardians of Twins players?

Parents are expected to:

  • Get players to scheduled games and practices dressed and on time
  • Let coaches know when players can’t be at games or practices
  • Understand and support team rules
  • Provide all the necessary equipment required in a well-maintained condition (i.e., helmet screws tight, skates sharpened, sticks taped and in playing condition, etc.)
  • Help out whenever possible as requested by the coaching staff.

Twins parents are to conduct themselves in a respectful manner at all times and at all locations.

The Twins AA Hockey Program has adopted a zero-tolerance attitude towards a breach of any of the aforementioned. Further, all Twins parents are expected to govern themselves according to the Twins Parents’ Code of Conduct:

  • Parents will respect the coaches, players, opponents, officials and program administrators.
  • Parents will never ridicule, embarrass, demean, challenge or abuse any player, parent, team official, game official or opponent.
  • Parents must respect and support the player / team selection by the coaching staffs.
  • Parents must remember that their child plays for his or her own enjoyment, not the parent’s.
  • Parents will remember that children learn best by example, and therefore should applaud good play / performance by both their child’s team and their opponents.
  • Parents will show respect for the opposing team, because without them there would be no game or competition.
  • Parents should have realistic expectations – they should remember that child athletes are not miniature professionals and cannot be judged by professional standards
  • Parents will respect the coaches and support them in their team development activities by not engaging in organized coaching or development activities that may contradict the focus, direction, or goals set out for the Twins team by the coaching staff.
  • Parents having any questions or concerns should direct them to the team parent rep. The parent rep will mediate between the parent and the coaches with the view of resolving the issue to everyone’s satisfaction. If mediation attempts are unsuccessful then the process of Dispute Resolution, outlined in the Twins manual, is the next course of action.

What Fundraising does the Twins organization do?

Both our 4x4 Twins Camp and Twins Day events are run by the Twins volunteers as fundraisers, with an opportunity for all teams to participate in and benefit from the fundraising effort.

Other fundraising projects are undertaken on a per-team basis, according to need and the commitment of the players’ parents/guardians.

Who plans Twins team events?

Twins team managers oversee the operation of their teams and in doing so may enlist the assistance of another parent or parents to help organize team-specific fundraisers, social events, or charitable projects.

The Twins organization hosts an Annual Banquet and Awards evening after the conclusion of the season. Typically held in mid-April and always well attended, the evening is the one time each year the Twins family is able to gather to celebrate our year together and recognize the achievements and contributions of our teams, coaches and volunteers.

More information about Twins player awards can be found in the Twins’ Coaches Operations & Policy Manual located on our website.